Very rarely do we get to see a documentary with a US promotion touring Internationally. To start off the show, we get commentary from guys like Cage, Tomko, The Steiner Brothers, and Team 3D giving their thoughts on how important it is that they are in Japan and the excitement from being at the Tokyo Dome. The one piece that stood out for me had to be with the press conference, we had Abyss, Team 3D, Christian Cage, and Kurt Angle. It was just cool with how much in character that they were during this entire segment.

A few of the other matches on the card were shown here too, but in 30 second clips. The one match just from watching this show has me excited about is Tomko & Giant Bernard vs. The Steiner Brothers. The Steiner Brothers are former IWGP Tag Team Champions, and them gunning for those titles one more time was nice. Even more surprising was in Abyss’s match, breaking out the thumbtacks which I thought from some reason that being in NJPW that they would probably not allow it.

Then comes what has to be to me a match of the year candidate, Kurt Angle vs. Yuji Nagata. The wrestling mechanics in this match were rather sweet, between the mat wrestling at the beginning to the submission moves in the second half of the match. Then both Nagata and Angle were trading specialty for specialty moves. Angle tried the Angle Slam, Ankle Lock, and even a moonsault which he missed trying to take Nagata out. Then Nagata bust out the Corner Knee of Doom, which would have taken out any other competitor. But Angle made his way back to win the match after so many near falls in this match.

This was a top notch show and everything makes sense now as to why this was only an hour long, TNA will be releasing this show in it’s entirety on DVD. While some may have been disappointed in the only 1 hour viewing, Mike Tenay said that the DVD will have 6 hours worth of content. When the DVD releases, I will be back with a full review.

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