This years Royal Rumble was excellent and I have to commend WWE for pulling out all the stops to make this Rumble feel like the Rumbles of early years. This years’ Rumble is the 20th year anniversary and boy did they deliver a PPV full of excitement. The surprises kept on coming and coming, but WWE played everyone so well leading into the Rumble. Let’s take a look at the card.

The show started off with MVP vs. Ric Flair. Flair and MVP put on a good match and there were many times where I thought that no way Flair would have kept up with MVP, but he kept up with him most of the match. We had a lot of false finishes and two count kick outs, which brought tons of excitement to the match itself. Flair would lock-in the figure four on MVP after an attempted Playmaker by MVP to win the match. This feud has been booked very well so far and I hope that it does continue I would love to see Flair vs. MVP at Mania with Flair passing the torch to MVP. If that is not the plan, my alternative would be Flair vs. Triple-H at the grand stage. Only thing that I didn’t like was Cole and Coach acting like this retirement angle was so real that we all don’t know what is going to happen, maybe if this was 12 years ago.

Bradshaw vs. Chris Jericho was excellent, even though the match ended with a DQ. I hate disqualifications and count outs on PPV’s. I can understand why WWE wouldn’t allow a clean loss here to either competitor; they don’t want to kill any momentum. I couldn’t believe how badly Jericho was busted open, to the point where his eye looked swollen shut. Jericho extracted his revenge here and even went so far as to hanging JBL by the top rope as JBL did to Jericho on RAW over on the entrance ramp structure. This will be one nice long entertaining feud. I really loved the look of both Jericho and JBL’s faces at the start of the match, it was priceless, they both looked like they had utter disgust for each other.

Up next we had Edge vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. This turned out to be a good match as I wasn’t expecting too much from Rey-Rey. I just feel like Mysterio hasn’t been the same since returning last year. Mysterio would come out with a battle helmet on; I was like that looks kind of freaky. I like Edge’s stable of Vicky, Zack Ryder, and Kurt Hawkins….but must they do this to poor Vicky Guerrero.

The backstage segment between Flair, Hunter, Batista, Michaels, and Kennedy was great. I usually don’t talk about these parts of a show.

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy turned in another solid effort tonight. There was a lot of back and forth between both competitors in the match and a lot of near falls. The best part came at the end when Hardy tried to hit the Twist of Fate and Orton countered it into an RKO. It was shocking that they went this route because it was carried out so well by both competitors that I wouldn’t mind seeing matches end like this every so often.

The Royal Rumble match itself turned out to be very good last night. I thought that Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as the first two guys in the ring was excellent. For the fact that they were the last 2 entrants in the Rumble last year and that they did a good job trying to wrestle a match as entrants were coming into the ring. WWE this year planned the Rumble in phases, because the first set of entrants were main eventers’, then ECW guys were next, then we had our legends, and then mid carders being mixed throughout, and at the end our main eventers’ again. This was a different approach this year and very different helping break the mold.

Our surprises were Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, and John Cena. When Triple-H came in as #29, I thought that with the guys that were in at the ring at that time, he was going to win. But then #30 hits and John Cena comes out to a loud reaction. It was like one big WTF! moment, and it was nice to be surprised since that never happens this day and age with the internet. This will be interesting to see how Triple-H will act about this on RAW tonight, WWE has a great opportunity here with the direction they can take.

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