This is a week of 20 year celebrations all around the sports and entertainment industry. Tonight, the WWE will be celebrating 20 years with the Royal Rumble. Every year, the Royal Rumble is one of those top 5 WWE PPV’s that is a must see, can’t miss type of show. Also, tonight’s Royal Tumble will be the first WWE PPV in Hidef. This year, the Royal Rumble match has 24 announced competitors, with 5 open spots left. The speculation has begun on who those 6 superstars might be, it will make for interesting surprises that I miss so much with the Rumble. I’ll never forget when Mr. Perfect came out as a surprise, or Goldust making his return, Honky Tonk Man comes in the ring to sing and out he gets tossed in 2001, to name a few of the surprises.

The Road to WrestleMania starts with the Rumble and we are in for an exciting evening of titles matches and the Royal Rumble itself. Let’s take a look at my predictions for whom I think will win their matches and the Royal Rumble match.

<span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Chris Jericho vs. JBL</span> – Chris Jericho was booked wrong making his return to the WWE this past Fall, by  going after the WWE World Champion Randy Orton and not winning the strap. Jericho should have been placed into a feud with a main eventer like JBL. Here is an opportunity for both men to tear the house down and I think they possibly can if given the time to do so. I can’t see either man taking a clean loss here, so my guess is that JBL gets disqualified continuing the feud to WrestleMania.

<span style=”font-weight: bold;”>MVP vs. Ric Flair</span> – part of the retirement angle that will continue to WrestleMania, this one could be very interesting. MVP can benefit more from this match and this feud more than anyone else in the WWE right at this point. MVP is a future World Champion in the making and a rub from Flair can only do wonders for his career. I wouldn’t mind this feud lasting till WrestleMania with Flair putting over MVP on the way out. Flair will win here continuing the retirement storyline.

<span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Rey Mysterio vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship</span> – yet another good match on this card, and expect nothing but fast paced action throughout the entire match with both competitors. I’m expecting some Chavo Guerrero interference setting a feud with Rey-Rey and CM Punk making his way out  causing trouble for Edge like he did to him just a few days ago on ECW. Expect Edge to pull out the win after interference galore.

<span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE World Championship</span> – this feud has been gold the last month and the most interesting aspect of RAW. WWE is in a tough situation here, do they ride out Jeff Hardy’s success and popularity or do they play it safe with Orton pulling out the win? This is a tough one and as much as I would love to see Hardy win here, I think Vince might not be ready to let him run with the gold. Personally, I would give Hardy the title for a month and let WWE test the waters with him as champion losing it back to Orton at No Way Out. I’m going to take the safe pick here and predict Randy Orton walking out as the winner and still your champion.

<span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Royal Rumble match</span> – this year the Rumble is a bit of a mystery with 5 open spots and uncertainty by the fans all around to who is going to win this thing. WWE hasn’t dropped any hints this year like in the past and that is great. The 5 open spots is good, because they have opened up the mystery part of the Rumble that has been lacking for a bit the last few years. My safe bet here would be either The Undertaker or Triple-H to win the Rumble. As I mentioned in our forums and my article a few days ago, I am going to pick CM Punk as the winner. The man is crazy popular and what a perfect way to build on the revenge angle leading into WrestleMania on him losing the ECW World Title to Chavo Guerrero from Edge’s interference.

I hope that everyone enjoys tonight’s show in HD or SD, and Madison Square Garden is going to be hot tonight like always.