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Season Four of Reign finds Mary rising to the challenge, taking back her country and establishing her rule in Scotland, the land of her birth – but a wild nation foreign to her, and now, once again, her home. Even as our canvas expands to welcome a new court in Scotland with new players, including Mary’s half-brother James, and the men who vie for her hand, the French Court grows as well. Catherine gave France many heirs…too many, as it turns out. We will meet more of her brood, who are amusingly and dangerously at each other’s throats. Our queens will make wise choices and knowingly brutal sacrifices; their fates – especially Mary’s and Elizabeth’s – are not only intertwined, but increasingly inescapable. It is a season of impossibly high stakes, unexpected betrayals, sexual exploits, a royal wedding, a royal birth, and a rising body count as three queens in three nations fight for their people, their loves, and their lives.Adolescent Mary Stuart is desirable and confident at the start of her ascension to the throne. She has come to France with four trusted associates by her side to guarantee a treaty through her engagement to the handsome Prince Francis. Though the prince and future queen develop a genuine attraction to each other, Francis’ half-brother Bash complicates circumstances with his own growing attraction to Mary. Queen Catherine, mother of Francis, seeks to prevent the planned union, frightened by Nostradamus’ prophetic vision of her son’s demise. Mary discovers dangerous enemies plotting against her and a hooded apparition who may become an unexpected friend. As Mary launches into preparations, she proves herself capable to reign over a new kingdom and to eventually become Mary, Queen of Scots.

reigns4dvdStudio: Warner Home Video
Year: 2017
Release Date: October 10, 2017
Run time: 675 minutes
Rating: PG-13

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Disc Spec: 3 DVD
Region: 1

Adelaide Kane is a teenaged Mary, Queen of Scots, and Celina Sinden, Caitlin Stasey, and Anna Popplewell are her “up for whatever” ladies-in-waiting in this frisky and fast-moving period drama which younger fans of Hilary Mantel or Phillipa Gregory books will devour. France is surrounded by enemies, and Scotland is up for friendship, and uh, maybe fighting, and this brings Mary–perfectly cast in view of Kane’s luminous, regal, and approachable performance of her–out of a nunnery and into the French court.

Upon her (no, in fact, even before her) arrival to the palace, the great and the good of France, played well enough by the supporting cast, promptly begin startling efforts to, eh, undermine the young Queen. Each episode brings a new concern.

Sinden, Stasey and Popplewell each give spirited performances as bonny lasses in a strange land, making their way through the sinewy court and navigating new pressures on their loyalties to Mary. Good costuming and sets round out the period set-piece fun, and the whole result is a highly watchable series conveying the emotional truth of life at court in this era, if not accurate historical detail or credible action sequences.

With Friends Like These
A Grain of Deception
Leaps of Faith
Playing with Fire
Highland Games
Love & Death
Hanging Swords
Uncharted Waters
Pulling Strings
A Better Man
Dead of Night
The Shakedown
Coup de Grace
A Bride. A Box. A Body.
Blood in the Water
All It Cost Her…

Movie Content: 9/10

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The Final Word

Reign is an incredible show, from the music (lumineers), to the wardrobe, to the acting, to the writers especially, to the set decor all around an exquisite, incredible show. It is a shame to see this wonderful show come to an end, but it is best to go out on top as “Reign” has in four seasons.
Overall Rating: 8/10