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As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as “the property of the Half-Blood Prince” and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort’s dark past.

harrypotterblood4kbluStudio: Warner Brothers
Year: 2017
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Run time: 153 minutes
Rating: PG-13

Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1; DTS:X
Aspect Ratio: 2:40
Disc Spec: 2 BD / Digital HD
Region: A

‘Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince’ sets a couple of milestones in the film series. Harry and sidekicks Hermione and Ron are coming a bit late into puberty which is understandable considering all the adventures they’ve had. But they’re now starting to see what the opposite sex is all about.

Helping them along is an old colleague that Dumbledore has brought back to the Hogwarts one Professor Slughorn, a new character into the Potter saga played by Jim Broadbent. Slughorn (how I do love J.K. Rowling’s use of Dickensian names in the Harry Potter series) is a master of potions and of course when you talk potions, it’s love potions that are most in demand. But they do have only a short term effectiveness and at least one of the trio gets overdosed on it. And the cure almost kills as well.

‘The Half Blood Prince’ also provides us with some insight into the life of the younger Lord Voldemort back when he was a Hogwarts student named Tom Riddle. Broadbent and he bonded back in the day and that’s why Dumbledore wants him back.

‘The Half Blood Prince’ keeps up the high standard of film making that the Harry Potter series is known for. It even got a nomination for Cinematography from the Academy. Broadbent is a nice addition to the Hogwarts stock company even if only for the two remaining films in the series.

Movie Quality: 9/10

Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 4K/2160p with a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. ‘Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince’ receives a nice 4K remaster that really helps boost the quality of the film. If you thought that the ‘The Order Of The Phoenix’ looked fantastic in 4K, ‘The Half Blood Prince’ ups the ante in terms of visuals. Having just recently viewed the film on Blu-ray a few weeks ago, you can really tell that Warner made some really nice tweaks and updates to the video presentation.  While the Blu-ray looked really good, if you have a 4K TV with a 4K BD player, this is a nice upgrade that is worth it if you are a huge Harry Potter fan. While the HDR isn’t overly impressive here, I found color representation, clarity, and detail to be top notch. It is the uptick in these areas that really just adds to the presentation. This was one of my issues with the previous Blu-ray release, you could tell that there was something a bit off with the detail and clarity which has received an upgrade here. Black levels are strong here with this release and they are used very well considering the dark atmosphere of the film. While the HDR is not a huge factor here, when it is in use you do see some really nice visual affects especially with the magic spells. While I expected a little more with the HDR, I still feel like the overall presentation is fantastic.
Video Quality: 10/10

The audio is presented in DTS-HD MA lossless 7.1 mix, DTS:X. While the video has received a nice upgrade, the audio seems to have gotten a much bigger audio bump than the video presentation has. Things really start booming from the beginning of the film with the first scene that you get to really see what this disc is made of in the audio presentation. The rears get a ton of activity throughout the movie between dialogue, the score, and action sequences. I was quite impressed with hearing the various magical affects in the soundfield sound so life like. What is rather impressive is the use of the center channel where all the dialogue comes through. All of the dialogue and action pieces come through so clean that it is amazing with what can be done on the audio front. If you were looking to upgrade your Blu-ray release for the video and audio, you will not be disappointed at all.

Audio Quality: 10/10

Special Features

  • Behind the Story
  • Deleted Scenes [HD]
  • Interstitials
  • Trailers [HD]

Special Features: 4/10

Final Thoughts

There are definitely some surprises in the movie, especially at the end which leave a lot of cliffhangers. I had already read the book and knew what to expect but the movie was a fantastic telling of the story. I highly recommend this movie! If you own the DVD or Blu-ray, you might want to consider upgrading to the 4K version if you own the appropriate equipment to enjoy ‘The Half Blood Prince’ in all it’s glory.
Overall Rating: 9/10