A rediscovered gem in the filmography of Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien (A City of Sadness, The Assassin, Three Times, Flight of the Red Balloon), DAUGHTER OF THE NILE is a neon-lit, contemporary drama inspired by the heroine of a Japanese manga series. With Hou’s gentle but keen observation, the film follows a young woman and her brother as they float along the periphery of the Taipei underworld, intriguingly blending gangster tale with mood-drenched introspective drama. Based on the personal experiences of frequent Hou screenwriter Chu T’ien-wen (Millennium Mambo; Goodbye South, Goodbye; A City of Sadness), DAUGHTER OF THE NILE is a profoundly moving observation of marginalized youth.

daughterofthe nileStudio: Cohen Media Group
Year: 2018
Release Date: January 23, 2018
Run time: 80 minutes
Rating: R

Audio: French: DTS HD MA lossless 5.1 mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Disc Spec: 1 BD
Region: A

The film meanders in Hou’s trademark slow pace through the unfazed lens of principally static frame and narrative elisions to contemplate life’s vicissitudes being inflicted on those who are very close to Hsiao-yang (males only), under its sublimely lyrical score. She carries a torch for San (Yang Fan), one of Hsiao-fang’s friends, who doesn’t reciprocate her affection and is perilously involved with a married woman with gangster background, and this relationship will eventually not just become his undoing but also torpedo Hsiao-fang’s business with a knock-on effect, what Hou tries to evoke with its youngster characters is a permeating atmosphere of angst, chagrin, ennui, unrest and nostalgia in a society casts no hope on those marginalized.
Movie Quality: 9/10

Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 2:35:1 aspect ratio. While this might not be the most eye popping image presentation but you will not be left disappointed. This is a very defined image. It screams pop with nice details. Colors look natural bringing out the colors on the screen. Blacks are also very deep. Fleshtones also have excellent details with proper lighting that gives faces a more natural look.
Print Quality: 9/10

The audio is presented in a French DTS-HD MA l0ssless 5.1 mix. The audio score is tame here with “Daughter of the Nile” and never tries to be something more than it should be. The important part here is that the audio never tries to be something more. Dialogue is channeled through the center with no apparent issues as the audio was clean and crisp. The film is in Mandarin with English subtitles.
Print Quality: 9/10

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary track by film scholar Richard Suchenski
  • Interview with Asian cinema expert Tony Rayns
  • 2017 Re-release trailer

Special Features: 6/10

Final Thoughts

“Daughter of the Nile” is one of the most beautiful movies you will ever see. The cinematography is outstanding in every shot. The nile theme song that played throughout the movie was fantastic. I really enjoyed “Daughter of the Nile” quite a bit and highly recommend it.
Overall Rating: 8/10