You know legendary maniacs Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. Now meet Leslie Vernon, the next great psycho-slasher. Nathan Baesel (Invasion) stars as Vernon, a good-natured killing machine who invites a documentary film crew to follow him as he reminisces with his murder mentor (Scott Wilson, The Walking Dead), evades his psychiatrist/nemesis (Robert Englund, A Nightmare On Elm Street), deconstructs Freudian symbolism, and meticulously plots his upcoming slaughter spree. But when the actual carnage begins, where do you draw the line between voyeuristic thrills, mythic evil, and good old-fashioned slasher movie mayhem? Angela Goethals (24) and Zelda Rubinstein (Poltergeist) co-star in this ingeniously twisted and award-winning shocker that Film Threat hails as “a masterpiece.

behindthemaskbluStudio: Shout Factory!
Year: 2006
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Run time: 91 minutes
Rating: R

Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Disc Spec: 1 BD
Region: A

I really enjoyed this, and I think it’s under rated. It’s very difficult to make a film that is at once a parody of a genre that fans of that genre can enjoy, and still be a decent film within that genre. But like the original Scream, Behind the Mask pulls it off.

It’s got humor, as the slasher they’re following around, plain as day, explains his plans and the trouble he runs into and fear because you wonder if the documentary crew are just going to let this man butcher a bunch of horny teenagers, and if not, what will happen to them. Obviously it’s not super scary because you get to know the slasher, but there are enough surprises to be suspenseful.

Movie Quality: 8/10

Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 1:85:1 aspect ratio. Colors are strong throughout looking great which I did not expect. Black levels are not that great which this print would have benefited from greatly. Clarity is decent with details being a huge improvement over the previous release. There is some grain which is consistent. The one issue with this release is the dirt, jaggies, noise and white specs that are present. I will give props for a well done transfer which I didn’t expect, but wish some of these issues were fixed. If you owned the previous release of this film, you won’t be disappointed as it is an upgrade.
Print Quality: 8/10

The audio is presented in a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix. Here is another case where the audio follows the same footprint as the picture quality. The audio has received a nice bump in having a more dynamic feel when compared to the previous release. Shout has really been outdoing themselves here with the latest crop of releases. The soundfield is very dynamic at all times with the hacking, slashing, and screaming from the kills. I feel like Shout did an excellent job expanding the mix taking advantage of the DTS-HD mix bringing more life to this film than the previous Dolby Digital 5.1. Dialogue is also well placed in the center channel sounding crisp and clear.
Print Quality: 8/10

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary with Director Scott Glosserman and Filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch
  • Audio Commentary with Cast members Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Ben Pace, and Britain Spellings
  • Behind the Mask [HD]
  • Before the Mask [HD]
  • Making of Behind the Mask [1080i]
  • Casting Behind the Mask [1080i]
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes [1080i]
  • Trailer [1080i]

Special Features: 7/10

Final Thoughts

This movie merges the two genres but not in the way they’d have you believe. The movie begins with an interview between a very green newb journalist who seems to be doing a college project of some sorts. ‘Behind the Mask’ is not something I have ever seen before or since. And it was worth every single minute.
Overall Rating: 8/10