With the Patriots and Giants preparing for the Super Bowl which is less than a week away, the anticipation is rising. Not just for the game, but for all the extra curricular activities and the chance to catch up with friends and family. Let’s face it, for most hardcore football fans the season ends at the respective Championship Games. After that its time for everybody to go into anticipation mode.

This is where football and non football fans start to gear up for the Super Bowl festivities. In some instances the game becomes an afterthought. The important questions are who is going to throw the biggest party with the best food and drinks, what “scandal” will loom over the game that the commentators will bring up every two plays, how bad the halftime show is but probably the most anticipated event of Super Sunday. The Million dollar commercials, many await these commercials with the giddiness of a four year old on Christmas Morning and are debated at length around the water cooler on Monday.

As the day draws near, the excitement level increases the anticipation heightens and the frenzy leads to what is a Super Sunday on and off the field.

What does your anticipation Sunday look like?

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